Pop Up Books

I can’t recall reading too many pop up books as a youngster. Maybe I wasn’t interested. Maybe I was too busy sleeping all the time. Or maybe there’s no specific explanation at all for my lack of pop up book reading.

But I can tell you that they’ve become great works of art. I’ve seen several extremely detailed pop up books in my time at HPB. I’ve even been asked by one guy specifically for pop up books because he claimed to collect them. I can’t adequately describe the feeling upon opening up one of these books because I’m an adult and I feel my opinion is mostly indifferent at this point. But I have been surprised by their complexity a few times, which leads me to believe that kids would be over the moon.

Do you or a kid in your life have any experience with pop up books?

7 thoughts on “Pop Up Books

  1. I love pop ups. I only have a few, but I started buying them in high school. I’m sure I had a few as a kid but I find them really beautiful, especially the really detailed ones


  2. I have one really detailed dollhouse pop up that my grandma gave me when I was little. Seriously, it’s a total work of art. You can even open the doors and windows and see little painted people inside. I haven’t opened it in a while though…


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