Three Years ago Today…

Three years ago today I graduated from the University of Houston Downtown with honors. I immediately started writing my first book. I self-published it in October of that year. I’ve read a lot less in recent years than years prior. And I’ve yet to decide on a career path.

I just spoke with an old friend of mine today who is now working as a nurse in a hospital making a good salary. And I know of others who had jobs before even finishing school. And I’m just here.

My current job search is the most advanced it’s ever been. I’m applying for jobs almost daily. And they’re wide-ranging.

BUT three years have passed since one of the great days of my life. And I’m still proud to have experienced it. I’ll have to figure out the job thing soon. But I still have a full-time job. So I’m okay.

2 thoughts on “Three Years ago Today…

  1. Although I graduated with a chemistry degree and immediately went into chemistry professionally, I can actually relate. I’m just now starting to monetize my film and writing skills, which are my true passion. That’s what I *really* want to make a career out of. It sounds like your job at HPB is fun, but I can understand why you want to move on. I tolerate my day job too, but I can’t see myself doing this for 40 more years.

    Job hunting takes more effort than anyone really anticipates. I had to apply to 60 over 4 months to get my first one. It sounds like you’re attacking it full on, so you’re on the right track! Just don’t get disheartened after a lot of silence. The average job hunt takes 6 months, so it’s tough for everyone. Persistence will reward you 🙂

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  2. Yeah, it’s tough. I graduated with a high-school teaching degree in 2008, no luck. Went back and got my masters in 2014–still not much to do with it. But i’ve decided to write and be a writer and teach where and when I can. I am doing all I can to make my own opportunities and make them count. So maybe that’s what you’re doing. More good times are ahead for you, it just means you’re on the roller coaster a few more turns til you get off and on your way. Keep at it, though.


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