An Oddity

It seems so trivial to write about books after what I’ve written about on here during the last week. But here I am.

Something I find rather odd is how books, movies, and music by or about celebrities sell extremely well immediately following their death. I don’t see why this always seems to happen. I mean, shouldn’t you already own that stuff if you’re that much of a fan?

It just makes me wonder.  It makes me wonder if people really have any interest in these people or if they’re just trying to fit in with what everyone else is doing. Prime examples from recent memory are Harper Lee, David Bowie, Prince, and now Muhammad Ali.

Obviously people can do whatever they like, but at least be genuine. Eh. Maybe everyone is genuine and I have no idea what I’m talking about.

Have you ever rushed to the store to buy a singer’s music, an actor’s movies, or an author’s books immediately after their death? I haven’t.

12 thoughts on “An Oddity

  1. I think it stems from curiosity for some people. After David Bowie died, I went and looked up some of his stuff because I’m not from that generation and I’d never really listened to his music before. I was curious as to why his death was a huge deal, why he was a legend, etc. I’d never buy anything though…seems like a waste of money, especially if you don’t even know who they are.


  2. I think that sometimes people are afraid that they took that person for granted when they were alive. Their death is a reminder of that, and they don’t want to continue to do that in their death


  3. No. I don’t think I have. I’ve rushed to the store when the new Harper Lee book came out and Harry Potter books came out, but never when a person was dead. I think though that we need to appreciate the art of that person while they are alive. I loved Michael Jackson while he was alive, but I love him even more now that he is dead, even though I wish he was still alive. I watch old videos of him and The Jackson Five on YouTube. So people need to appreciate the artists while they are alive.


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