James Patterson’s BookShots Update

I told y’all about Patterson’s plan to write these short books to be priced below $5 and aimed to be read in just a couple of hours. I think the first ones released this week and the reviews have not been kind. I won’t be buying these but I’ve gathered people don’t like the format. The first one stars Alex Cross, Patterson’s flagship character, but the book simply has no ending. At least that’s what I’ve read. Which leads me to believe there will be a continuation of the story in a future BookShot or one of his novels. But no one wants to read a book with no ending.


9 thoughts on “James Patterson’s BookShots Update

  1. Once upon a time these short, less expensive works were very common. Penny Dreadfuls and serialized novels in magazines were how authors made a living. Dickens for one. But times have changed. I remember maybe in the late 90s a couple of well knowns tried the whole short novel serialization thing and it didn’t go too well. I think if Patterson wants it to fly he’ll have to give an entire novel in the short.


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