Rotten Tomatoes for Books?

Rotten Tomatoes is a review aggregate site that compiles TV and movie reviews into one page. The reviews are all written by professional critics of various publications. And now Lit Hub is trying to do the same with books.

They’ve recently launched Book Marks to do the same. I think it’s an okay idea, but I’m not sure it’s necessary at this point. Or even wanted. I know these aren’t “professionals”, but do we really need more than Amazon and Goodreads? I personally don’t read reviews whether they’re written by a reader or a critic, but I’m just not sure about this.

The site will assign books a letter grade based on the reviews for the title, which sounds exactly like the Tomatometer.

Also, as of right now the book blogging community isn’t among those eligible to submit a review to the site. Hopefully that changes as time goes by.

Do you think a book review aggregate site is something we need?

6 thoughts on “Rotten Tomatoes for Books?

  1. Not really, for those that don’t want to use Amazon or little Amazon (as goodreads has become) there’s booklikes and a miriad of other places, plus a ton of blogs that review. Mind you it depends what they offer as a service as to how well they’ll be received I guess.


  2. I don’t always read reviews, but if I do, what I find on here, goodreads, librarything and Amazon are more than enough fodder. Also, I’d prefer to read reviews from other bloggers or people like myself, not professionals


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