Saturday Selects: Christina Grimmie

Saturday Selects is a series of posts I write on the first Saturday of each month outside the general bookish theme of the blog. This will actually be my second of the month because of current events.

Christina Grimmie was well known on YouTube, and later on NBC’s “The Voice”. She was 22-years-old. Just a few hours before her show in her hometown of Orlando she posted a video on Twitter inviting her fans to attend.

But unfortunately it would be the final performance of her life. A man approached her after the show during a meet and greet and opened fire. She was struck three times before her brother tackled the shooter. The shooter then committed suicide. She was rushed to the hospital in critical condition, but died a few hours later.

Her death will receive attention because she’s a known celebrity, but her story is a common one in today’s America. Young people in cities like Chicago, Detroit, NYC, LA, and more are victims of gun violence every single day in this country. But nothing has been done to combat it in recent months and years on a federal level. I imagine her death will spark another conversation about gun violence, but unfortunately I don’t see any real change coming about on a national level.

This all comes back to what YOU want. Do you want to keep reading stories like this one in the future? Or do you want to enact some change?

The shooter’s identity has not been released publicly, but he was said to have two handguns, lots of ammo, and a knife on him during the shooting.

We can tweet and post and continue talking about gun violence but if we continue to vote the same NRA-backed members of Congress into office, then you can be assured nothing will be done.

This man clearly had no business with a gun in his possession, but I bet it’ll come out in the coming days that both guns were purchased legally. And that’s simply unacceptable. It’s well beyond the time to demand real change, but we always need more people making the demand.

Also, I’d like to note the venue had no metal detectors and security was not armed. This venue can hold 1200 people. I think metal detectors will be installed very soon, and I believe Christina Grimmie’s family will ultimately file suit for not doing enough to protect the young singer.

My only hope is that more people decide that enough is enough and refuse to accept the ongoing gun violence as the new normal.

Rest in peace, Christina.

22-years-old is too young to die, but there is no appropriate age to become a victim of gun violence. ALL victims of gun violence are too young to die.

10 thoughts on “Saturday Selects: Christina Grimmie

  1. Such a powerful post there, John. You’re right. Guns are rubbish and people who foe because of them are way too young to die. They need to stop manufacturing the damn things.


  2. Yeah…I don’t know. Part of me sees the wisdom here, but the other part of me knows that assassinations have existed since the dawn of humankind. My position that there’s just something wrong with us hasn’t changed…the removal of guns would help, but we still wouldn’t be addressing the deeper problem of our cultural insanity.


    • Well assassinations are one thing, but what about mass shootings? Like the one that happened overnight in Orlando. I woke up to a notification on my phone that said 50 killed. You can’t do that without a gun unless you have a bomb. But even the two bombs at the Boston Marathon didn’t get close to killing that number. We have an obsession with guns, and every time anyone talks of gun safety measures the other side says “The Second Amendment guarantees my right to have guns!” It’s simply an obsession. But it’s the costliest of obsessions.


      • To my knowledge, that shooting is still being investigated as a potential terror attack by someone with ties to radical Islam–in which case the overnight shooting would be placed in the bucket of attacks like that which took place in Paris last November–and it really can’t be ignored that, if this is the case, gun safety or gun laws would do little to curb terrorism, as France has strict gun laws as it is. Don’t get me wrong; I know what you’re saying. But last night’s shooting might be a different animal entirely, and might require rights strictures of a different sort.


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