No More Librarians?

I actually know someone who just began his work toward an MLS (Master of Library Science) degree within the last few weeks, so this news could be troubling.

The advances of technology have changed several industries over the course of time, and we all know about the struggle publishers had to endure to get their heads above water. It looks like there may be more change coming to the book world in the near future. Librarians may become obsolete.

A team in Singapore has created a robot that can find and identify missing and misplaced books and relay that information to library workers. Obviously librarians do more work than getting books into the right place on the shelf, but it isn’t out of the realm of possibility to imagine a time in which this kind of robot is designed to take on more complex tasks. Then the library theoretically wouldn’t need a librarian on staff, but rather library assistants and associates who lack the graduate degree.

I’m not sure of the intentions of the group that created the robot, but ohht they have opened a can of worms without meaning to?

4 thoughts on “No More Librarians?

  1. I’ve often wondered how long libraries outside of schools can last, kids are reading less and google, combined with the kindle, makes everything so much easier than going to the local library.
    I want them to hold out as long as they can, but I can’t help but feel that one day they might not be there.


  2. I guess this makes sense, with the way the world is evolving. But I can’t imagine a world without librarians. There are just some things, some thoughts, some ideas, that you can’t get across to a computer. It’s why I love having librarians around.


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