5 thoughts on “Books and Beer…Wait, What?

  1. Ummmmmmmmmm, NO!
    I can’t put nearly enough exclamation points on that, either!
    Why in the world would they think that is acceptable?
    Where I live there are laws stating you can’t serve alcohol in an establishment which has minors present after 11:00 pm, not that the book store would be open that late.
    Are they planning on a ‘you spill on it, you buy it’ rule?
    A designated drinking area?
    Calling cabs for the customers who do drink too much?
    Being held accountable for customers who drink and drive then cause an accident?
    is it going to be like Chapters and Starbucks (Starshmucks in this household) where the beer provider is a separate entity from the store and just renting space from them?
    Too many variables for my liking.
    IMNSHO Barnes and Noble, Chapters/Indigo and other book stores should stick to what they know best: Books and stationary. Leave the beer and other alcohol to the establishments which are designed to handle them: bars and restaurants!

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