Barnes and Noble not What I Remember

I recently walked inside my local Barnes and Noble for the first time in several years. And it simply isn’t the same as I remember it.

The shelves give off the impression that they don’t want to fill them. There are books faced out all over the place. There is space available on a good chunk of the shelves. And most titles had but one copy on the shelf, except for the BN Classics and Shakespeare.

Couple those things with their announcement to start serving alcohol in four new stores starting this year, and it isn’t so hard to believe the company’s financial troubles. Too many poor decisions are being made right now.

I suppose I could be overgeneralizing based on the one store I visited, but I imagine most BN stores are pretty similar.

Have you noticed anything different in your local store?

14 thoughts on “Barnes and Noble not What I Remember

  1. We don’t have B & N here. Heck, we barely have a Chapters/Indigo and affiliates!
    I’ve been to Chapters a few times over the last year or so and their shelves are crammed!
    That could be because there isn’t much local competition or it could be because they’re directly across the street from a Canadian Tire (tools, DIY stuff and car repairs all in one place) so people can take a leisurely stroll while waiting for their car to be ready.
    Whenever I do go, there are always customers both in the book store part (why do they sell not book related items like decorative pillows?) and Starshmucks have customers and there are always cars in the parking lot.
    Book stores need to make a come back.
    I think we only have one second hand book store as well, and we used to have three.


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