Top Five Wednesday: Settings I Want to see More of

The topic of this week’s Top Five Wednesday is settings I want to see more of. Pretty easy.


This was too easy. I wouldn’t want to see any new movies adapted from new books, but I definitely wouldn’t mind reading another story featuring Katniss. That’s all I want. But eh.


This is coming from someone who has only read the first two in the series. But of course I grew up with the characters onscreen. Which is why I’m not excited for the play or for the book that a lot of people don’t even realize isn’t an actual book. If they did there wouldn’t be any midnight releases anywhere. It’s just a PLAY! I’d only want a new story if it’s actually a new story following the same characters we know and love. Not something completely different like the play.

The last two I’ll mention are Sera and Reach from Gears of War and Halo, respectively. Though Reach has already been destroyed.

That’s it for me!

What are the top five settings you’d like to see more books in?

3 thoughts on “Top Five Wednesday: Settings I Want to see More of

  1. That’s a tough one.
    Definitely Hogwarts although I think I would like to see the back history of current characters in more depth.
    I’m currently reading a series called The Other Side Of the Rainbow by Danielle Paige. I’m only on book two and am looking forward to reading the other books in the series.
    Ohhhhhhhh, I’m really looking forward to the DCI Eric Foster series by Robert Brynzda.
    I could also handle more books in the Landover series by Terry Brooks.


      • I’m not surprised you haven’t heard of The Other Side Of the Rainbow since it sounds like it’s for girls and it’s YA plus I think she’s an Indie author.
        That should have read Erica Foster instead of Eric. It’s a new series and the second book was just released last month so it probably hasn’t hit second hand book stores just yet.
        I don’t know if it’s the Landover series you haven’t heard of or Terry Brooks, if it’s Landover then it’s not as surprising since it’s not one of his more well known series: I think there are four books.
        If it’s Terry Brooks then I am surprised, he’s the author of the HUGE Shannara series which has now been made into a television series, the first season was shown in the spring and the books have been in second hand stores for many, many years.
        I just learned something cool about Google. I just did a search for Terry Brooks’ web site and Google showed me my most recent electronic purchase by him and which online ebook retailer I bought it from :).

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