Saturday Selects: Current Events

Saturday Selects is a series of posts I usually write on the first Saturday of each month to discuss topics outside the general bookish theme of the blog. Today I’m talking current events. Kind of.

I’ve wanted an outlet to discuss all kinds of different things for some time now. There are things going on in the world that I feel NEED to be discussed and addressed. Just like my opinions, my voice is only mine. But this is something I feel very strongly about. Which is how I came up with Talking Today. Talking Today is the name of my new YouTube channel. I’ve made several videos already, and chose not to share them here because I know y’all don’t come here for that.

The goal of the channel is to discuss current topics of interest. That’s it. There are no other limitations.

This is the introductory video:

I’ve also done videos on the Brexit vote, on Lionel Messi’s retirement from international soccer, and on the sit-in staged by Democrats in the US House of Representatives.

I will not be sharing any more future videos from this channel on here. I know y’all come here to read about books, but I also know from previous experience that many of y’all are interested in currents events too. It’d be nice if you watch and think maybe this is something you can get into, but I understand if you don’t.

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