Can’t Know Them All

I’m pretty well read, right? But obviously I’m not one of those individuals who reads hundreds of books a year. I’ve also worked in a bookstore for the last 11 months. I’m aware of a great number of books and authors, whether I’ve read them or not. During the course of my work responsibilities and my own reading I still discover new books and authors on a regular basis. Which is one of the things that makes being a reader so great. It’s an established fact that as humans there will always be books we simply won’t have time to read during our lifetime. It’s interesting to see this play out every time I discover a new book or author I was previously unaware of. And sure maybe I won’t be interested in most of the books I discover through someone at my store or through a tangent internet search, but there are always plenty that fall right into my wheelhouse.

This post is meant to show how great it is to have the freedom to discover and read whatever we like. Because many people around the world do not have the ability to do so.

Do you have any stories about how you first discovered a favorite author of yours?

8 thoughts on “Can’t Know Them All

  1. I try not to have favorite authors. It’s too much like trying to pick which of your kids is your favorite. LOL. But a lot of authors I adore I found by sheer happenstance. Hours in the library or book store just reading the backs of them all.


    • I used to do that. I think I discovered a few like that. But when I’m actually looking for someone new I go through Amazon and the BN website. Sometimes I find someone and sometimes I don’t.


  2. My daughter recommended Wicked by Gregor Maguire. I love his twisted fairy tales. Check out Ugly Stepsisters, it is full of witty prose. It’s the Cinderella story set in 1700″s Holland!


  3. When I first discovered Agatha Christie, it was through my cousin who bought me two of her books turned into comics! This was back in 2008, and now I’ve read 60 of her books!


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