On The Martian

I finally got around to seeing what all the buzz was about. Matt Damon is nothing short of great in the movie, although I can’t speak for the scientific accuracy of any of the things done in the movie.

Also, I’d meant to read the book (which I own) before watching the movie, but things happen. Now maybe I’ll go ahead and do that.

Have you seen or read The Martian? Your thoughts?

19 thoughts on “On The Martian

    • I didn’t find it boring. And to call any story a rehash of anything is to selectively forget that all stories written today take things from stories already written.


      • My favorite saying is: Take the reader where the reader is not expecting to go, so this story didn’t work for me. Glad you enjoyed it.


  1. The book is quite good. The main character faces some additional challenges that didn’t make the movie. My favorite thing about this story is that it started off as a series of blog posts on Andy Weir’s site and then became a $.99 book on Amazon. Indie Authors Rule!


  2. The movie was great but the book is better. What a splendid voice the author has created here– the earth-bound contingent is not as interesting. In the last third of the book, I paused because things were stretching my credulity, but then I decided I liked our botanist Mark so much I didn’t care if the action was plausible– I simply wanted to rescue him. So there! The movie stretches even further at the end, but I hope most people make a similar decision to mine, to sit back, turn off the interior editor, and enjoy.


    • So there were parts of the book you didn’t believe and found them to be difficult to read? If yes, I don’t I think I’ll have that problem since it isn’t a book that sets out to make me believe anything.


    • You wrote a nice review and I just said I enjoyed it. Ha! But I agree with much of what you said, especially about the science stuff not necessarily being accurate. I agree. It isn’t a documentary about surviving on Mars, it’s a literary adaptation. Also, I tried commenting on your post, but my app kept going to a blank screen

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