John Green Does it Again

I’ve now read three of the popular author’s books. I’ve noticed a pattern with the stories and characters I can’t ignore. John Green is an immensely popular author, but are his characters and stories actually any good? My thoughts:

Have you read any of his books? Did you notice anything similar about them?

2 thoughts on “John Green Does it Again

  1. I’ve read four: the three you have, plus An Abundance of Katherines (which was the worst one in my opinion.) You’re right, they’re LITERALLY all the same. Looking for Alaska was the only one I liked, and I think that’s because I read it first, so all the characters were new and not repeats. It was all redundant after that. Honestly, the concept of all his books are pretty good, but his execution is very eh. They’re all stereotypical, unrealistic, and overall just plain shallow…not all stories have to be about how a relatively normal person wants to get together with a relatively hot person and death or running away ensues. 🙄 (I have a lot of feelings about this because 90% of my friends think John Green is the best writer they’ve ever read….and they’ve all read books like To Kill a Mockingbird.)


    • YES. We are on the same wavelength here. I love your point about a normal person trying to get together with some overly attractive one. Ugh. I actually wonder at why his books are as popular as they are. I mean, there’s plenty of young adult to go around. I could probably pick ten completely new to me going adult books, and I bet he’s just in the middle of the pack as far as his writing. If you know someone who thinks anything he’s written is better than To Kill a Mockingbird, then they deserve a stern talking to. I hope you’re up for the task. 😊


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