On Harry Potter and the Disappointed Reader

I knew this would happen. I KNEW IT!

I waited a few days to see what the initial consensus would be regarding the newly released script. And guess what? The reaction has been less than stellar. I think there’s plenty of blame to go around, and every single bit of it should be placed upon the shoulders of the ignorant readers who expected something they were never getting in the first place.

Here are my full thoughts on the initial reactions to the script:

I know at least one of you all bought the script and immediately read it. Please tell me what you thought. I’m curious. No bending the truth!

6 thoughts on “On Harry Potter and the Disappointed Reader

  1. I’m about halfway through. It’s like they took the 7 original books, added a dash of Stephen King and some mediocre Dean Koontz and put them all in a blender. I’m not even sure the play would be good. It’s missing J.K. Rowling’s usual character development and narrative. I know it’s a play. Perhaps she should have written it as a book to close out the series and then adapted a play or movie from it.


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