No, I Don’t Want That Book

As is all too common on the internet different companies and sites use my browsing history to recommend something else they’re selling. For example, I clicked on some travel ad on Instagram and that same company popped up in a promoted tweet on Twitter. Just ugh.

But I also tweet quire a bit about the presidential race. And as a result I’ve now been seeing promoted tweets from Trump selling signed “limited editions” of The Art of the Deal. First, the book is priced astronomically high. More than $150. Second, I have no desire to read the book. Third, there is no scenario in which I’d support him or his campaign.

I just wish Twitter would get the message. Are there any ads on social media that keep popping up in your feeds no matter how many times you skip over them?

4 thoughts on “No, I Don’t Want That Book

  1. Lol, of course.
    I wouldn’t be buying anything Donald Trump either *shaking my head*, Even free couldn’t entice me to support him in any way.
    Gaming crap ends up in the ads section of my social and news media a lot more often than I like.
    I understand the needs for ads in order to generate revenue, but is it really necessary for every page click to generate more ads?


    • Is it necessary? No. Ha. I sometimes get games in my ads when I randomly look up info for releases or trailers or something. But I don’t actually buy any kind of video games. I only have two for my Xbox One I’ve had for a year.

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  2. Games and books. Always the same ones. I was an avid gamer for years (still try when I can) but it feels like the same game is constantly shoved down my throat. I yell at the monitor sometimes that I will play when I am damn good and ready! Oh the joy of “cookies”.


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