When Will They End?

After the release of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child JK Rowling made a point to say Harry is done. Even though she’d already said the series would end after book 7. Which is fine until it was announced that there’d be 3 new ebooks released next month. None of the new ebooks is about Harry, but it just leads one to wonder when (or if) the books will ever stop.

I guess when you’re the author of the bestselling series ever you can do whatever you want to with your series. I know fans of the series will just about always buy anything remotely related to the wizarding world, but is that reason enough to keep releasing snippets of info fairly regularly? I mean, doesn’t she also post random things on Pottermore every once in awhile too?

I don’t know. I’m feeling like we’re being forced to remember the wizarding world. I’m just glad Suzanne Collins hasn’t done this with Katniss. Although I think there is a prequel movie being made, though I’m unsure of her actual involvement. But at least she isn’t releasing ancillary type stories or books that do nothing to add to the original trilogy. I say let Harry and the whole wizarding world finally shut the door on what’s been a remarkable couple of decades. But of course, I’m no one.

Are you still craving any and everything related to the wizarding world? Or are you ready to move on like I am?

(though I’m still reading the original series)

21 thoughts on “When Will They End?

    • Really? It’s been nearly 20 years of constant Harry Potter SOMETHING. The original books. The movies. The random stories on Pottermore. The illustrated editions. The adult coloring books. Now the play and script. Then Fantastic Beasts. I don’t know. Just seems like a bit of overkill to me.

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  1. I understand the hype that goes on around HP, but I really disliked HP and the Cursed Child. This play was the ‘dealbreaker’ for me, because it did not satisfy the expectations that I had for the original series. It’s best to leave it to the imagination of the readers, rather than materialize something by force. That’s just my opinion.


  2. I am the type of reader who prefers to end things on a high note. If you had a good run, great! Leave it at that. I feel the same for films as well. Eventually it can drag on too long an lose the appeal for me. But I understand that when it comes to fandoms, there will always be an audience, and I see nothing wrong with giving them what they want. If the sales are still there, it is still wanted. I mean even I am guilty of being greedy. I can never get enough of the Doctor 😉

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  3. Much like a good movie, the sequels rarely, if ever, come out to be as awesome as the first. Time to cut bait and leave it alone.
    The original 7 books were great although IMO they went from written for teens and pre-teens to written for adults. The sequel to the series should have stayed in J. K. Rowling’s mind, as should anything else related to HP.


  4. I think that her decision to stick to the universe is okay, as long as she’s extremely attuned to her audience and stops when she senses that the Potter fandom is waning. Booksvertigoandtea has it right: End it on a high note.


    • I think the high note has long passed. I’m not sure any book can match the hype of book 7. Then of course followed by the two adaptations. I think everything after those is downhill.


  5. I did think it may be overkill with a new novel set in the future, but I did actually enjoy it. I actually wrote a blog post about it on my site (its got spoilers) but i would love you to have a read.

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  6. I am not. I mean, sure, I would kinda like to read about Harry. But I’m not too psyched about it. I love Harry, but not as an older person. I hate the “19 years later” thing, it just kills the vibe for me. Also, JK Rowling didn’t write the play, so I’m not very excited about reading it. I went and got the book just yesterday, btw. Oh, and I agree. It’s like she is forcing us to remember the Wizarding World. Most fans won’t agree with me, but oh well.
    PS: I am, however, very excited to watch the play!


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