Not so Fast

You know how technology is basically ruining all of our lives? Wait, what?

You know what I mean. Companies are constantly trying to alter how we do something. Sometimes it’s for the better and sometimes it isn’t. And sometimes we humans resist the change with all of our might.

There are apps for just about everything. You can just about avoid stepping foot into any brick and mortar establishment. Heck, if you work from home you could be a hermit and have everything else delivered to you via drone. Okay, not just yet.

Well Pew has once again released its findings regarding our reading habits. Though more people are reading on smartphones and tablets, the overwhelming majority are still reading on the good ol paper. I guess we like having to adjust our reading based on the available lighting. Ha!
Take that, technology! You can’t win them all!

3 thoughts on “Not so Fast

  1. Actually, for me, it has more to do with portability and weight.
    I will read physical books while at home but it’s rare that I take them anywhere with me.
    An e-book, whether on my phone, tablet or eReader, is a lot lighter. Can you imagine trying to carry Gone With the Wind or Pride and Prejudice everywhere you go?
    I have tendinitis in my shoulders, one elbow and wrist so carrying that much weight around, especially in the Black Hole, errrrrr… purse, is tantamount to carrying 10 very heavy bags of groceries up six flights of stairs without stopping for breath!


  2. I really enjoy eBooks for the convenience at night night and during travel, but I will never be able to separate myself from the joy that I receive when entering a bookstore or cracking open a new book. I love my books as much as I love the stories held within. I have never walked into an empty bookstore 😉


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