Who is Getting Their Own Literary Imprint?

We know big time authors get their own imprints after years of massive sales numbers. And sometimes celebrities get them, though the reasoning for them is a bit less clear to me. James Patterson. Rick Riordan. There’s no complaint about them. But Derek Jeter? More questionable. And now there’s a new name to the list. Sarah Jessica Parker. Welp.

I’ve never read anything about her interest in books. Some celebrities write a bunch. Some are avid readers. Some tackle literacy initiatives. But I’ve never come across anything describing her doing these things at a level that would lead me to believe she should be in charge of her own literary imprint.

Maybe I’m clueless. Just seems a bit strange. Publishing gets a bad rap for cozying up to super authors and celebrities and not giving hardly any first timers a chance at success. This decision will change nothing about that argument.

Also, how come Latino celebrities don’t get their own imprints?

Sarah Jessica Parker is now the head of a literary imprint. Think you could do better than her? 😂

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