Too Much, Just Too Much

It was announced this week that Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them will not be adapted into three movies as previously announced. I know what you’re thinking. One movie, then, right? Wrong. Five. FIVE MOVIES.

I’ve already said before that I think anything having the slightest connection to Harry Potter is simply being shoved in our faces. JK Rowling is a person just like you and I. And right now she still sees dollar signs for her work. I’d take full advantage if I owned something that would likely net me tens or hundreds of millions of dollars. Sure. But it doesn’t mean everyone who loved the original movies and books will be stammering to get to theaters to see these movies.

I imagine they will do well, but the quality will likely be inferior to the original movies because there is one book setting the foundation for the movies rather than seven. I’ll be happy when there is nothing new related to Harry Potter.

Were you surprised when it was announced the tiny book would be adapted into a five film series?

13 thoughts on “Too Much, Just Too Much

  1. I thought it was weird when they announced the movie in the first place! Then there were three announced, now there are five? Awkward.


  2. Didn’t come as a surprise. But, hopefully, this won’t dilute the epic’ness of the name of the boy who lived. I mean… If it does, it’ll be a real bummer.

    – Lashaan


  3. To be honest, I’m actually not interested in anything else from the Harry Potter world. The seven books were amazing, and I feel like it should be just left at that. Don’t fix what ain’t broke…. that’s not saying the other HP related books are bad, I’m just not interested. Although, I did like The Tales of Beetle the Bard, but that book is actually a part of the original 7, like it’s integrated into the story. Anywho, long answer short, I think all this is a little extensive. 😅


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