A Week Off

I took a week off from posting on here, and largely from social media, to give myself a chance to come to grips with what happened on November 8. I didn’t want to bombard anyone with talk of the election for a week. So I just kept to myself.

See, people seem to think they know EXACTLY how it feels to be in someone else’s shoes after the election of Donald Trump. But no one does. Not really. My life experience is mine. My beliefs are mine. And my reaction to the Trump win is mine. No one can tell me that I’m overreacting or that I should simply accept that this is the direction the country is headed in. Because no one is in my shoes.

I actually had someone tell me I haven’t “become” American yet after I said Trump doesn’t represent or stand for anything I do.

But this is the reality we’re living in. And there’s no way around it. This blog is about books, right? It is. Which is why I’ll get back to discussing various book topics tomorrow. 

One thought on “A Week Off

  1. I’m groaning along with about half the American public over his election, and this is the ONLY time I will comment about this. I knew he would win simply because the public at large was not ready to hurdle that fence and vote in the first female president so soon after they broke taboo and voted in the first black president.
    I didn’t even know there WERE others in the running since any time I saw or heard anything it was Trump/Clinton once Sanders was knocked out.
    If I had voted, it would have been with the minority 3%.
    I didn’t like either *big* name sooooo…….


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