Things Don’t Always go According to Plan

We all know this. We do our best to plan something and very quickly realize our own lack of control. This was me over the last month. I started a new job on October 27. It was quite exciting to be writing a new chapter in my own personal book of life. But I soon realized the chapter would be much shorter than I’d initially thought. The job wasn’t a good fit for me, and I didn’t enjoy a single minute of it.

On Monday morning I spoke with the owner of the office in order to openly discuss where my head was and what was expected of me. We mutually agreed to part ways. The people I met and spent time with were pretty great, but the job was still the job. And it simply wasn’t for me.

I’m once again jobless. And that’s okay. The lesson I learned from this is simple: Don’t settle for something you don’t really want. That’s what I did. And that’s what got me here.

But there IS a silver lining. There were numerous days over the last month in which I worked 10,11,12, or even 13 hour days. Because employees are essentially brainwashed into believing it’s a travesty if they don’t hit their own goals they set for themselves. So it’s completely normal for employees to work 11:00-11:00 even though the workday is 11:00-8:00. Heck, on Black Friday I imagine every person in the office will work 12 hours. 

Anyway, those hours obviously leave little time for much outside of sleep. But now I’ll be able to focus on my reading! Finally. I started a new book last night and just the feeling of picking up a book felt great. I want to finish off 2016 as strong as I can.

6 thoughts on “Things Don’t Always go According to Plan

  1. I am sorry that it did not work out, but I am happy you had the ability to accept that the fit was not right. Many people find themselves settling into the grind and leading miserable existences. So my hat is off to you for taking charge of a less than ideal situation.

    I am also glad you found a silver lining and hope you enjoy catching up on your reading. I am sure the next career move will be better since you seem to have a firm grasp on what you want 🙂


    • I wasn’t happy. And I had no time for any thing or anyone outside of the office. Didn’t feel right or necessary to subject myself to that any longer. I believe I’ll be able to find something more suited for me that I can enjoy while learning and moving myself forward. But for now, ALL THE BOOKS await!

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  2. Jesus, I could rant for days about that kind of indentured servitude that passes for “work culture” these days. No work life balance = no bueno. It sucks that you are unemployed again, but I probably would not have stayed either. You don’t owe a company your happiness.


    • Yes. They actually bring in all the applicants before their interview to see what they call “atmosphere” and it’s supposed to get them excited to become a part of the team. The funny thing is it hardly works. Couple that with the hours and it’s just not for me. Although I know several people who have completely bought into the entire thing. But the worst part in line with your point is I’d be seeing my coworkers six or seven days a week and no one else because I had no time for anything other than sleep.


      • Yeah, not gonna lie, I think those jobs are for people who really have no relationships, lives, or any other sense of purpose outside of “being part of a team.” I never liked group work in school, thank you very much 😛

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      • It was actually one of the things that drew me in because I’ve never experienced anything like that. But once you’re actually a part of it you realize it isn’t what you expected at all.


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