Why Does Wal Mart Sell Books?

Serious question. I can name one person off the top of my head who I know buys books fairly regularly from Wal Mart. I’ve definitely done my share of browsing the books at Wal Mart, but my memory tells me I’ve never actually bought a book from there. I usually just look to see if I know which books they’ll have in stock without even thinking about it.

If I set up my tripod near the books and threw Harry’s invisibility cloak over the top of it I’d see just how few people actually stop to take a look at them. I own something like 250 books. But when I think of Wal Mart I think of groceries, essentials, and TVs.

I’ve bought books from Barnes and Noble, Borders, Amazon, Half Price Books, Murder by the Book in Houston, and the Wal Mart website. We have so many options at this point that I just don’t see any benefit for a grocery store to sell such a limited number of books. They sell mega bestselling new releases and ultra popular older ones. The problem is that just about anyone who’d be interested in buying these particular books has bought them elsewhere.

Also, Target does a MUCH better job with their books than Wal Mart does. Better titles and better selection in every store I’ve been in. But still, I haven’t bought from there either.

My question still stands. Why does Wal Mart sell books? 

10 thoughts on “Why Does Wal Mart Sell Books?

  1. The grocer I go to sells books, too. Mostly best sellers. And I’ve thought the same thing. Who buys a book when they’re grocery shopping? I think its an impulse buy. Sort of like when people grab a magazine in the checkout aisle.


  2. Like every other business around it is diversification. The more they have to sell, the more people they can cater to, the more money they believe they will make. In today’s economy demands it. But you are right, Even Kmart and Target do a better job.


  3. I don’t shop at Walmart, but I guess I am not surprised they sell books. As mentioned above, you are targeting a variety of shoppers. I am guilty of doing most of my shopping online due to my illness, but still prefer to visit actual bokkstores when able 😊


  4. I’ve never really stopped to look at their books. I look at their magazines once in a while, but I just think that they do that do get some extra sales.


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