Some Holiday Advice

The holiday season is officially in full swing. Which means people all over the country are now doing their best to buy things for people who don’t need them. This definitely includes books. I’m sure some would argue that gifting books is better than an iPad or new TV, but I would disagree.

So, my holiday advice to anyone who is thinking of gifting books to a loved one or relative would be this: DON’T. Why? Because I can tell you what will happen. They will say thank you and smile and then put it on their shelf never to read it. Unless you are absolutely certain they want that particular title, don’t do it. I’d say give a gift card to Half Price Books instead. Because your money will go toward more books than if you give a gift card to one of the other book retailers. No doubt about that.

Are you planning on gifting any books this holiday season? I’m not. 

14 thoughts on “Some Holiday Advice

  1. I’m gifting everyone a microloan account at Kiva. They can pick someone to help and then when the loan is repaid they can pick someone new to help because seriously, no one in my family needs anything.


  2. I only book gift if the individual has expressed specific interest in the title or I have read something that I connect with on a very personal level and wish to share it with a dear friend. Of course my friends will usually, eagerly read the book for discussion 😉


  3. It depends on the person and how well I know them. With my boyfriend, a book is NEVER a bad gift, lol.
    My sons would look at me like I had just escaped from the loony bin


  4. I actually think books are great presents, but only if 1) the person has said they want books, 2) the person has said they want a specific book, or 3) the person is an absolute book nut. I’m a book nut, so I’ll happily take any and all books, even if I don’t end up reading them for years, and I know 2 other friends who are the same. But seriously, you really can’t just gift books to anybody. In fact, I agree with you, most people probably don’t want books. My brother has gotten books a lot, and 9 times out of 10 he’s re-gifted them. 😂


    • Haha! I can’t remember ever getting books. I’ve gotten bookstore gift cards multiple times after being very specific in saying not to get me books. So I’m not quite your brother, but I did win the Game of Thrones books in a giveaway and ended up selling them to Half Price Books because I wasn’t interested in reading them. 😂


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