Sue Grafton is one of the most respected authors today. She’s written the Kinsey Millhone series of books set in California. I’ve read five or six books in the series, which I found underwhelming. And now she’s making THESE statements? No.

“…I’d like to remind you that a book is a perfect gift.”

“One size fits all and no calories…”

BOOKS ARE NOT THE PERFECT GIFT. NO MATTER WHO SAYS SO. And signed books are meaningless in today’s world. The only positive from this post is that the books are free, but even then I wouldn’t force any book onto any other person.

Ugh. I’ll keep saying it until I no longer can. Books are terrible gifts. THE END. Especially books that have been on bookstore shelves for more than a year.

12 thoughts on “DON’T BELIEVE HER

  1. I have family and friends who adore and request books as gifts every year. I also know the people I am shopping for well enough to know whether a book is an appropriate gift πŸ˜‰ If you buy the right book for the right personal, it can be greatly appreciated. I do not believe books are terrible gifts, but maybe not knowing the person you shop for is terrible πŸ˜›

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      • I love my BN membership. Since I cannot drive often with my illness, the free shipping alone was worth it. But I save an average of 40% a month, so no complaints πŸ˜‰ I prefer to receive actual books, but most will ask me for a list and I do the same. Although, it is always nice to have the option to shop for yourself. I am just not big on giftcards. I like handing out real presents. But I still completely understand where you are coming from😊 It all boils down to the individual’s prefence.

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      • I liked Borders more than BN when they were still around and had a store three minutes from my house. Then I liked Amazon. But now HPB is my favorite because you’re getting more for your money than other stores. Especially if you take advantage of their sales throughout the year. Then you’re looking at 60-75% off cover prices.

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  2. I don’t buy books for people. However, if I know someone loves to read, I will buy them a gift card for Books-a-Million or Barnes and Noble.


  3. I think books as the perfect gift depends on the gift’s recipient.
    If I give a book to my boyfriend he’ll hunker down and read, pretty much ignoring everyone around him.
    If I gift a book to my bestie it would have to be on her craft of the moment, lol.


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