Listen While you Read

I’ve written about listening to music while reading. But now I’ve reevaluated my position. The first time I wrote about the topic I was 100% against it. Why? I found it to be distracting from the real point of sitting down with a book. I mean, if I wanted to just listen to music then I’d turn the radio on.

That’s until a job interview in October took me to an office that was playing a Pandora station that I couldn’t get enough of. The station is called Classical Goes Pop and it consists of instrumental versions of pop songs. If you’re only listening to the station, then you’ll almost always know the song playing. But when you’re reading sometimes you identify the song and sometimes you don’t.

But then the holidays rolled around. I’m weird in that I love Christmas music but hate the idea of Christmas. Meh. I wanted to find a station of holiday instrumentals specifically for when I read. It’s Pandora. I found one instantly.

I can’t imagine I’d enjoy listening to singing while reading, but instrumentals seem to be quite enjoyable. I imagine I could also listen to nature sounds.

What is it that you listen to while you’re reading?

PS: I got an offer from that job interview and declined it. 

8 thoughts on “Listen While you Read

  1. I usually don’t listed to anything. But if I do, it has to be instrumental, jazz or classical. Not even instrumentals of songs I know, because then I would just sing the words. 😀


  2. I always listen to classical music while writing. Vocals disturb the words going through my writing brain, so it usually has to be instrumental, but I don’t mind listening to dramatic opera in a language I don’t understand, because then the voices become another musical instrument I can appreciate, but without disturbing me.


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