Who is Jamie Oliver?

The other night I’m on YouTube watching Jennifer Lawrence video after Jennifer Lawrence video from her press tour for the new movie Passengers. I easily did this for two hours straight.

Anyway, during her appearance on The Graham Norton Show she was joined by Jamie Oliver. Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence are probably the two biggest movie stars in the world today, so I’m sitting there trying to figure out who this other guy is with them. They talked about him having dyslexia and reading Catching Fire after seeing Jen as Katniss.

Then Graham Norton said something I actually couldn’t believe. This mystery man I’d never even heard of is the bestselling nonfiction author EVER in the UK. WHAA?

Tell me about this guy. I haven’t looked him up yet.

19 thoughts on “Who is Jamie Oliver?

  1. Lots and lots of cook books! He’s all over the place in Canada, especially the one grocery store where he also has a line of kitchen stuff like pot holders, tea towels and the like.


      • I might be wrong but I think he tried taking his plan over to the US but no one was having it. I’ve never had school dinners so I don’t know but my family are teachers and they say things have improved a lot which is good. Its pretty good that he wants to tax more soft drinks and charges a lot more for them in his restaurant.


      • Oh boy. It sounds like something that would happen here. I’m sure they’re always getting better, mostly be cause they were so bad. Lots of fried junk. Potato chips. Hot pockets. I mean, it can’t get worse than that stuff.


      • I’m sure they will be getting better. I mean I totally understand that there will be budget issues and sometimes the unhealthier option is cheaper but its not great really. I don’t actually know what hot pockets are haha. The school I went to and all around the area work with the local football team who play in the premier league to inspire the kids to get active too which is pretty cool.

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