You Decide!

Last year I failed as a blogger. But I want this year to be different in a number of ways. Most notably, I want to get back to being really interactive with you all. I just finished my first book for my 2017 Reading Challenge and it’s time to pick a new requirement to fulfill and I want you all to help me out!

Obviously I can’t run a simple poll when there are 24 choices, so just comment and let me know which requirement you’d like to see me tackle next.

And it’s only day 2 of 2017! You have all the time in the world to get started on my challenge!

Which requirement do you want to see me tackle next?

27 thoughts on “You Decide!

      • Yes, I do. I love it. It was a very formative series when I was growing up. About the other note, I had voted for Shakespeare next and the app wouldn’t send the message, then it said it sent it six times. Anywho… I hope you like it better this go around.


      • I’ll finish it today. I’m reserving judgment until the end. Also, I’ve only read one play of his. Romeo and Juliet. I was assigned others but never actually read them. My senior year of high school we read Hamlet and I would score very high on all the tests and quizzes, but I could not tell you a single thing about the play. Class discussions for the win! 😂

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      • Macbeth has always been, and probably will always be my favorite Shakespeare play. It’s dark and mysterious and morbid and awesome! But I’ll try not to read that one this year. I also love Shakespeare’s sonnets and have a copy of them that I take most places with me. I’m going to read A Midsummer Night’s Dream this year, I think. Although I’ve seen the play, I’ve never read it.


      • I don’t know anything about either one of those. Although I’m coning up with an image of Michele Pfeiffer for some reason. Probably mistaking her role in an adaptation.


  1. Hmmm… does a comic book written by Neil Gaiman count as two? Thanks for visiting my blog; since you say you’ve “failed as a blogger,” I could use your comments on this post. Judging from the number of comments you are getting, I’d say yours is anything but failing!

    Be sure to check out my short story, too, at Cow Pasture Chronicles.


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