2017: The Year of the TBR Shelves of Doom

Oh boy. The title of this post sounds utterly evil. 😂

But it’s a not THAT bad. In 2016 I bought a few books. 39, to be exact. But I already had too many and I wasn’t reading a whole lot until the end of the year. Which made my TBR shelves explode. For most of the year I had more than 80 books I had yet to read. Years ago I’d think having 20 was an insanely high number.

I just counted. I currently have 67 books I haven’t read. Which means I have more than enough for my personal goal of 50 books. I’ve decided not to buy a single new book until I read my personal goal of 50 or I fulfill a requirement from my 2017 Reading Challenge I don’t already own a book for.

Just look. These are them.

Have you ever had so many unread books you’ve banned yourself from buying new ones?

11 thoughts on “2017: The Year of the TBR Shelves of Doom

  1. I’ve tried banning myself from buying new books, but then a sale at HPB happens, or Amazon happens, or I just find a book that I irrationally convince myself I need because the price might go up….so I’ve got about the same number of unread books as you, and the number keeps growing…Heck, I just bought a new one today 😂😂


    • I bought one at the end of last year because I actually had it in my head I was going to complete last year’s reading challenge. But I’m not buying any for a little while. I know I don’t have every book for my challenge this year, but I’ll deal with that when I get to it. I hope you bought something good today!


  2. Yes, I have no room on my large bookshelf and keep trying to find new ways to store them. And the worst part is I am a slow reader, but a fast buyer…


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