And They’re Off

Ugh. I shouldn’t use that as a title. Reminds me of horse racing, which should be illegal.

Anyway, today is day 6 of 2017. And last night I finished my third book of the year. Oh boy. I’m not only excited every time I lie down to read something, but I’m excited that I’m actually reading. I don’t walk around moping during the days and weeks I’m not invested in a story, at least I don’t think I do. I’m glad that January has so far been a continuation of December.

The most books I’ve ever read in a single calendar month is 12 back in May, 2012. Can I break my own record? We shall see.

How’s your reading coming along just about a week into the new year?

25 thoughts on “And They’re Off

  1. I’m reading Pillars of the Earth as my first book of the year. It is 970 pages long so I might make two books for the month. I am listening to Born a Crime by Trevor Noah, so I might get to three.


    • That’s by Ken Follett, right? He writs giant bricks as books. I’ve only heard god things snout Born a Crime, though I haven’t decided to try it out as of yet. The longest book I’ve ever read was 595 pages, and that was several years ago. I have a few mammoths, but I haven’t read them.


      • It is by Follett. I’ve only ever read his spy novels before. Jackdaws by him is really good and only 450 pages. I’ve been meaning to read this one for a while and finally hit a point when I ran out of library books at home and had to grab one off my personal shelves. I’m enjoying listening to Born a Crime. I always try to listen to memoirs. It’s nice to hear the person tell their story. I have Anna Kendrick’s book up next to listen.


      • I have Whiteout by Follett. It’s been on my shelf a couple years now. I like your point about listening to memoirs. Definitely makes it more personal. I also just read something about her book, too.


    • I’d normally say something like “Ugh Roald Dahl” because of my experience with his work. But I’ve realized I really just want people to read as much as they can, so what’s the point of smart remarks? Kind of like criticizing someone in the gym who is trying to achieve their own fitness goals. Doesn’t make sense. So, keep at it! Also, I’m not sure I knew he’d written short stories. Or maybe I knew?


  2. I just finished Bird Box and loved it! Thankfully, because my first read of the year was disappointing. But maybe it doesn’t count since I started it in December. My vertigo has slowed me down a bit, but I hope to knock out a few titles this month. happy reading!


  3. I’ve finished seven, and am reading a few more right now that I’ll finish soon. Mostly diet and writing books so far, but I’m currently enmeshed in an awesome book called “A Madness So Discreet.” It’s YA, so I’m not sure it’s your style, but oh man, it’s amazing. I’m also reading “Rough Riders,” by Teddy Roosevelt, “Dracula,” “A Study in Charlotte,” “Utopia,” by Sir Thomas More, and a few others. They’re all good so far. I hope your reading goes as well as you’re wishing.


      • Dracula is actually a first time read for me. It wasn’t required in school, and I’ve so many classics it’s amazing I haven’t gotten this one in the books (sorry for the pun!) yet. Utopia is quite philosophical, but also political in its attempts to demonstrate the ‘perfect’ sociological and societal systems. I haven’t finished it yet, but it definitely has something to say about the ways people run governments and such.


      • You must tell me what you think of Dracula immediately after you finish. It sounds to me like Utopia will always be read and relevant then. Societies and customs are always changing and government has to change with them. Though no society will ever be perfect, because we’re still flawed beings. At least that’s what I think.

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  4. I think I would be doing better if I wasn’t reading four books at once right now. Even at 50 pages a day, my standard requirement, spread over four books, LOL. It’s going slow. I keep telling myself to just finish one. Shrug. So not how I operate.


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