It appears I’m off to a nice start to 2017. So I’m going to enact a few changes on here. I’ve been thinking about these for some time now.

First, Wednesday is video day. I’ve already shared one. But I’ve actually recorded two more. I know y’all aren’t as interested in those as my regular stuff. So Wednesday will be for videos. The next two will be for A Wrinkle in Time and Things Fall Apart. Already recorded, just waiting to share so I don’t bombard y’all with too many videos at once.

The other change will be to my long-running series Saturday Selects. For you newcomers, Saturday Selects is a series of posts I typically write on the first Saturday of each month about any topic of interest to me. They’re not about books. But I haven’t been doing them. I’m not stopping but I’m also not limiting myself to just one Saturday per month for these posts. I’m passionate about lots of things, and I want to share my thoughts on those things.

That’s all. 2017 will be momentous. Just watch.

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