2017 Reading Challenge: A Wrinkle in Time

It’s Wednesday, which means today is video day!

My second read of 2017 is both a book for my 2017 Reading Challenge and also one of Amazon’s 100 Books Everyone Should Read.

This was the second time I tried reading this after it was a DNF in 2014? It was a DNF at some point. Anyway, it was the first book I’ve read that had time traveling elements. Though I do watch the TV show, Timeless. And anyone who doesn’t like Back to the Future is crazy. So I’m not exactly a time traveling virgin. Wait, what?

Moving on.

As always, tell me if you’ve read this book and what you thought of it! I bet we have differing opinions.

This book fulfilled the requirement to read a book about time travel. Two down, 23 to go!

5 thoughts on “2017 Reading Challenge: A Wrinkle in Time

  1. I am sorry this didn’t work for you like it did for me. I was very young the first time that I read this and it was a very satisfying experience. I think I was the appropriate audience at the time though. Age affects this one a lot in my opinion. As a much younger reader, the pace and characters were perfect. I tore through the series. I recently reread this and enjoyed it, but it was more of a nostalgia moment. So I can see how maybe a combination of factors and the unexpected Christian undertones may have failed to connect for you. I also believe my continuous reading of C.S. Lewis has made me almost just openly accept the Christian undertone without even realizing it at times. Can’t wait to see how you feel about your next book πŸ™‚


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