A Second Book Idea?

Could it be? Have I finally thought of a new book idea? Yes.

A little back story here. I self-published my book more than three years ago. I didn’t come out of college with the goal of securing a good job or traveling the world, I came out with the single goal of writing a book. Some of you will recall the original name of this blog as Write me a Book, John!.

After I published my book I immediately began work on book 2. Cause I’m obviously a prolific author. I soon realized the second time around was different. The drive simply wasn’t there and the story itself wasn’t clicking. I made it about 30,000 words into that first draft of my second book when I abandoned it. My memory tells me I wrote myself into a corner I couldn’t get out of.

Early yesterday morning I came up with a new idea. And who knows, maybe I’ll get started on it sometime soon.

There are plenty of writers out there better than me. Better stories. Better ideas. Better writing backgrounds. Which means I have plenty of room for improvement. Leggo.

What do you do when you’re discouraged with your writing? I did nothing and it’s cost me nearly four years.

28 thoughts on “A Second Book Idea?

  1. I feel this way sometimes with my blog, but I’ve learned that no time is wasted! Don’t worry about the others who appear “better”. Everyone has some sort of uniqueness to bring to the table. Just pick up where you left off or start over. Sometimes you just gotta pull the inspiration from down within and not over analyze it. 😊


  2. Sometimes I write because I’m inspired and it feels wonderful; and sometimes I write because I MAKE myself write. Because that’s the job I’ve given myself, and like it or not, I HAVE TO DO MY JOB. And the great thing is that I learn as much–maybe more–about how to write better when I’m forcing myself to put one word after another as when I’m floating on a pink cloud of pure literary genius (or think I am). Write on your novel every day, and don’t judge your efforts too harshly. You can always revise it later.

    Also, I’ve noticed that when I really CANNOT write on something, it’s because I’ve made a wrong turn somewhere. That second novel you abandoned? Go back and find the place where you turned toward the corner you found yourself wedged into. Fix that spot, and you may find that you suddenly can’t wait to get back to work on the rest of it. –Or not. There’s certainly no shame in realizing that you’d rather put your efforts into some new, better idea.


    • Except writing isn’t my job. And I’m actually of the belief to not force myself to write each day (when actively writing) simply because that’s not how I’ve operated. Of course, I don’t claim that my way is somehow better than any other. I think I’d struggle if I tried to write everyday. Also, my incomplete story is saved on my laptop that is broken. I may be able to get in there long enough to email the story to myself. But maybe not. I’ll have to see.


  3. I give myself a break sometimes. Or I let myself write something funny and stupid that I know would never be published. Sometimes it helps me break out of my funk. Congratulations on the new idea!


  4. I just deleted the first chapter then rewrote my second draft in first person instead of third and the whole thing has clicked for me. I can now see the direction it needs to take. Sometimes it’s something like that shows you the way. Good luck.


  5. Good for you! I’m glad you’ve thought of something new. I go through writing slumps all the time. Obviously I’m not published, but that’s okay. If I want to write again, the simplest way for me to get going again is to read something I’ve already written. Even if it has nothing to do with what I want to write currently. It makes me feel like I can do it again and I set to work. Also, lots of people don’t like books on writing, but they always help me. It gives me something to think about while I’m plotting my story. Even if nothing is happening on paper yet, something is happening in my imagination, and that is just as good. Or better. I hope you find something that works for you. Good luck!


  6. I’ll reread some of the stories I’ve written when still resonate with me.
    Right now, the fanfiction I’m working on is coming in dribs and drabs; a chapter here, a couple of paragraphs there. I write what I can than put it aside until something calls to me to work on it again


  7. I think Orchidsandsweettea is right, everyone is unique and everyone does have something to bring to the table, I’ve decided to write my very first piece a few days ago, I really want to write a play, so I started with some writing exercises just to find my style, so I’m probably going to do that for another couple of weeks before I start the process of the piece I want to write about. What is your first book called? What’s your thoughts on writing about things you know vs writing complete (whats the word I’m looking for?) Fantasy? How did you structure your writing? Did you draw up a flow chat?


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