A Realization

One of the first things we realize as humans is how little time we have, right? I was thinking about how many books one could really expect to read in their lifetime. Yes, this is how I pass my free time. And I realized that we’re severely limited by time.

I used 100 books a year for 50 years as my reference point. Easy math says that’s 5000 books. You’re probably thinking: “THAT’S A LOT OF BOOKS!”, right? And then you remember that you’ve never read 100 books in a single year, much less in 50. 

My average over the last six years has been 23 books a year. Put that number into my little formula and I get 1150 books over 50 years. That’s not very many. The idea behind “so many books, so little time” is as true today as it was when it was first said.

For me, this simply means I need to take advantage of these years I’m living now. At some point in the not too distant future reading will become increasingly difficult. And eventually I won’t have any more books on my TBR list. It’ll happen to every one of us.

I don’t know about you, but I’m off to start a new book. No time to waste!

4 thoughts on “A Realization

  1. At your calculated rate, I wouldn’t even finish reading all the books I own by the end of 50 years haha!


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