An Unlikely Bestseller

Becoming a bestseller is not an exact science. Sometimes Oprah will mention a book and sales skyrocket. Or an adaptation causes a surge. But what about a book published decades before that sells well throughout each and every year? Not bestseller well, but well enough to require reprints fairly often. You know the books I’m talking about. Classics widely read in classrooms all over the country.

It turns out that current events can also cause a book to jump off shelves if people believe it may have some resemblance to what’s going on in the real world. Enter 1984. It’s the top selling book on Amazon right now because many believe we might be entering a world not much different from what Orwell describes in the book.

I’ve read it. But I think a reread may be in order. Perhaps I’ll take a page from Kellyanne Conway and start using alternative facts to describe things.

Have you read Orwell’s 20th century Classic? See any resemblance to what’s happening right now?

8 thoughts on “An Unlikely Bestseller

  1. 1984 is an excellent work of science fiction, whether you think we are in times much like it or not. A good complimentary book to read soon after is Brave New World. The settings of the worlds are drastically different, yet they have a startling amount of things in common


  2. 1984 is one of my favorites. A very grim read that can be challenging at times. So amazing that something written in 1949 is now so relevant. I posted an article on my FB page today discussing this very topic and how sales are up in light of some of Trump’s recent “moves” 🙂


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