Saturday Selects: The Ban

Saturday Selects is a series of posts I write that fall outside the general bookish theme of the blog.

Donald Trump signed an executive order yesterday banning immigrants and refugees from seven countries. Syria. Iran. Iraq. Libya. Somalia. Yemen. Sudan. He’s done this under the guise of national security, claiming that this action is meant to protect us from terrorists. But it has been widely reported by multiple reputable news outlets that no attack carried out on US soil since 9/11 involved someone from any of the countries.

Makes you wonder what the hell is actually going on, right? If we’re banning people from our lands under a false pretense, then what’s the real reason for the ban? I’ll tell you, but I think you already know. One of Donald Trump’s major campaign promises was some form of a ban on Muslims entering the country. He’s making good on that promise.

The United States has failed all refugees. We have resources and the ability to take in many refugees, but we don’t. “The greatest country in the world” has all but refused to lend its hand to refugees all over the world. Refugees are escaping war, persecution, and tyrannical governments. Are these not the people we want to stand up for? Are we content just standing on the sidelines as the refugee crisis in the Middle East and Europe only worsens? Is this really the American way?

Donald Trump is not putting America first, as he likes to say. He’s putting America on an island while the rest of the world backs away from us.

One thought on “Saturday Selects: The Ban

  1. Obviously this is My opinion: The President made many promises, or so I’m told, and he’s trying to uphold as many as possible, since he failed on most of the ones he said he would do during his ‘first day in office’.
    He has promised a wall between the US and Mexico, which I foresee as a huge failure and even bigger drain on already strained resources. I can also see the LGBT+ community going back into the closet, the minorities going back underground, and refugees sneaking in under cover of darkness and hiding as the blacks did during the Civil War, and before when trying to escape slavery. I can see him trying to revoke things which have been in place for decades, like a woman’s right to vote and own property.
    He may do some wonderful things in time, but short term all I can see is disaster waiting to happen.
    Long term? I can see both natural and naturalized citizens of the US trying to escape his oppression.
    I can see why Americans voted for him since he was being himself, he was straight forward and 100% Donald Trump. He didn’t try to pretty up his views on subjects just to appease the masses. I predicted from the outset that he would win over Hilary simply because the American voting public had already had one first by voting in the first black president, they weren’t ready for another first by voting in the first woman president. Actually, that was two firsts! The first black president, and the first re-election for a black president.
    What actually scares me, though, is what happens to folks like me who were born in America and live in another country? One which is friendly with the US and shares a border, but one in which I have never applied for citizenship? I’ve lived here since I was 8, and worked here since I was 20 something, would that even mean anything to him?
    There are memes going around on Facebook equating him to Hitler, will they turn out to be true? I hope not because that could quickly turn into WW III!

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