What Should President Trump be Reading?

I’m no presidential scholar, but I can’t think of any president who was more literary-minded than President Obama. It’s a bit of a far cry from Trump. President Obama quoted Atticus Finch in his farewell address. But it appears more likely with each passing day that Trump has no desire to be friendly toward the arts.

So I wanted to do something different today. Y’all know we can write letters to the president. I want book recommendations. I want y’all to tell me what you would recommend that President Trump read as he embarks on his journey as President. ANY book. I plan on sending a letter to the White House with every recommendation.

I’ll start. I’ll recommend Night by Elie Wiesel. To show him that nothing good comes from persecuting a group of people. What would you recommend to President Trump?

14 thoughts on “What Should President Trump be Reading?

  1. Seriously, for starters, I’d like him to read the U.S. Constitution–;ike really read and understand it and not just vaguely allude to it (i.e., “you second amendment people”) to further his personal agenda.

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  2. Oooooo: To go along with what Eve suggested, Amendments to the constitution (and if they’re available, the reasoning behind those amendments written by those who proposed and passed them).
    The plaque on the Statue of Liberty, then reflect on what it says and what it means.
    I know what you meant, Johnny :D, but those had to be said.
    Now, on to the actual book recommendations: To Kill A Mockingbird, since you mentioned Atticus Finch, and the next one: Go Tell A Watchman, so he can see how times change, and how certain attitudes no longer fly with modern day ideals.
    The Diary Of Anne Frank so he can see what it was really like to be one of the persecuted, to be in hiding, to not be free to do what one wants with ones life…to see the death of ones dreams because of one maniac in power.
    My mind has drawn a blank on anything else, since I don’t read much which isn’t out and out fiction or fantasy any more.
    Oops: One more. Redrum: The Guy Paul Morin Story, to see what life was like for a wrongly accused man, and the aftermath of being released on recently (then) admissible DNA evidence.

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    • To Kill a Mockingbird was the other one I was really considering. Glad you mentioned it! Anne Frank too. If hope he’s read them at some point in his life. I feel like he’d struggle with the wrongly accused one. He can’t put himself in his shoes. But a hood recommendation!

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      • Thank you :). I’m trying to play catch up with what he’s up to, but Canadian news downplays what you see in the States, so what I get/see might as well be a 5th cousin review *grump*.


      • Agreed. I received the notification, I just haven’t signed into Twitter today.
        This election and the aftermath has caused conversation between me and my brother. Not a bad thing, I assure you. We agree on some things, disagree on others, but no matter what we each say we manage to keep our heads and our tempers in check and manage to have a civil conversation. But I’ll stop there since isn’t the time or place for an actual political discussion (which, until now I’ve never even had the urge to participate in.)
        perhaps you should save one day every couple of weeks, or once a month, to discuss the things the President has done the last however long: the good, the bad and the ugly. The only problem I see is that political discussion tend to get out of hand and feelings get hurt and lifelong friendships can end because of one careless word. That IS a big problem though.


      • lmao, not looking for an apology :D. You are who you are and should make no apology for that, just as I don’t. I do read the Saturday Selects, I just don’t often comment on them, but this Trump thing has caught my attention, which is probably what he was going for in the first place: to capture the attention of the world, to show who’s is the biggest.
        The one thing I commend him for, that I know for 100% sure is the truth, is that when campaigning he was 100% pure Donald Trump. He didn’t sugar coat, he didn’t try to pretty things up, he said and did everything as who and what he is, which is why he was elected, I think. The American public was looking for truth in a President, and for good or evil, they got it.


  3. I just posted this on my Facebook Wall, so you might get some new commenters, or not. I did request no flaming either here or on my posts. Here’s hoping people listen and discourse amicably instead of rant and argue.

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