The White House is Being Swamped…With Books

See what I did there?

President Trump has more than his fair share of critics. And one group is inundating the new president with books. I said I’d write a letter to him with some book recommendations, but why write a letter recommending books when I can just send them!?

So I’ll do it. I’ll send a handful of books with short notes off to the White House. The odds of him ever seeing the books or the notes are incredibly unlikely, but I think it’s worth the few dollars it’ll cost me. It isn’t much different from calling your representative or senator. You won’t have them on the other end of the line, but your message will be heard by someone.

I encourage everyone to grab a book, write an inscription, and send it off to the White House. I know for certain I’ll be sending Night, To Kill a Mockingbird, and a copy of the US Constitution.

7 thoughts on “The White House is Being Swamped…With Books

    • Yes! And I just realized that it’s even easier for me because I have an Amazon Prime account. So all I have to do is send the books directly to the White House. No shipping or postage fees. I read the Secret Service does not like random gifts sent to the White House, and I may even get a phone call from them, but it’s still worth it for that tiny chance that one of his aides or Trump himself actually sees the books or the message.


      • I can’t imagine not having it. Two day shipping. TV shows. Movies. Music. And Amazon is on a run of starting good shows. And more I haven’t even gotten to try like Prime Reading and Prime Pantry. The best part of it is they keep adding to it. Without raising the price outside of the initial increase from $79 to $99 a year.

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  1. You might want to send one about public speaking as well :D. I saw, after the fact, how he did with the breakfast speech. Ummmm, yeah, not so hot, and maybe send one about how to write an effective speech to his speech writer!
    And ❤ ❤ ❤ this post!


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