Should I do This?

People are becoming more and more politically active, but not everyone is outspoken and open about it. I’ve just read multiple reports of people doing something great. They’re buying dozens of copies of books like 1984, The Handmaid’s Tale, and In The Garden of Beasts, but guess what they’re doing with the books they’re buying? They’re giving them away!

The stories I’ve read about have included anonymous buyers who simply ask that the bookstore give the books away while telling the lucky readers to stay aware. Every instance has resulted in every book being taken. I want to do this.

I’m not sitting on a pile of cash to buy dozens of books to give away, but again I’m willing to make a sacrifice to get people reading and start conversations. It would definitely be on a smaller scale than the ones I’ve read about. Maybe 10 copies of 2-3 books. But I wouldn’t want to stay in the shadows. I’d want to do the whole thing myself. I’d want to hear what people have to say about the topics in the books and how they relate to current ongoings.

I’m already sending three books to the White House with a message to President Trump. What do you think about doing this too?





7 thoughts on “Should I do This?

  1. I think that handing out media that encourages thought and raises awareness is fantastic! I fully support this.

    While I think you should send your books to the White House, I have little faith that Trump will take the time to acknowledge anything other than his own agenda. Well, let’s be honest, I have no faith in him. But it is still important to use your voice! So I am glad you have found a creative way to do so.


  2. Love it! But I would rather stay in the shadows. I’m an extremely private person, and don’t do well with praise and compliments.
    If I were to do it even semi-publicly, it would be in the form of little ones I see outside a few houses between home and work, where a person could take a book with them, then return it, replace with another, or just keep going :), never returning or replacing.
    If I had the money though? I’d do something like Dolly Parton’s Imagination LIbrary. A child is registered at birth and receives a new book every month until their 18th (I think) birthday, as a way to help every child learn to love books. It’s only is in select states right now, but is ever increasing :).


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