The Grammys

The Grammys are the biggest night of the year for the music industry here in the United States. Except they’re hardly worth watching.

The Grammys are nothing more than a popularity contest. It isn’t about quality. For instance, Adele is nominated for several awards this year. The songs she’s released from her latest album are hardly impressive. And it’s the same for several superstars every year.

I won’t say this isn’t the case for other awards shows, but the Grammys are made out to be this night celebrating music. And it isn’t. It’s a night celebrating as many superstars as possible.

Have you ever thought about the same people being nominated and winning Grammys year after year?

5 thoughts on “The Grammys

  1. Considering that even when we had cable I made sure there was something else going on that night? And the night of the Emmy’s and other awards shows?
    Nope, not a bit. Couldn’t care less, really.


    • Hm. I’d at least argue the telecast isn’t so bad because you get to see different artists performing who are unlike each other. But I hate the random duets they usually put together. The Emmys are a little better in my book. Only a little.

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