Amazon is in Some Hot Water

Amazon is in hot water right now. The website has Holocaust denial books listed for sale.

This is difficult for me to defend at all. Some might say free speech. Others might say history. But is it okay to sale a book most likely branding itself as fact, that couldn’t be further from the truth?

I’m not sure where this falls on the list of issues facing the company, but it’s mist definitely an issue. I’d argue Holocaust denial is one of the most dangerous things we encounter as humans. Why? Because it opens the door to repeat history. To repeat a major aspect of the worst armed conflict the world has ever known.

I have a wristband I bought at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum last year when I visited DC. It says “What you do matters.” Take note, Amazon. Because what you do matters.

I’ve worn that wristband everyday since I bought it. To remind myself that my voice and actions are important to ensure that we never go back to our worst days as humans.

18 thoughts on “Amazon is in Some Hot Water

  1. Unfortunately people will believe lies, and Amazon, Barnes & Nobel as as the other eBook self publishers allow ANYONE to publish their books and put them under ANY category they see fit. It is up to us to either ignore or teach the truth.


  2. I have to agree that free speech is free speech. You have to take the bad with the good. We do our own part by refusing to acknowledge or make these purchases. I know many will disagree with me, but I almost certain that you will find similarly upsetting titles in any big retailer.

    If you are going to point the finger at one.. might as well call them all out. they are each surely selling something atrocious Holocaust Denial or some other issue. Sad but true.


    • So your idea of free speech is peddling in conspiracy theories with no basis in reality, and calling them fact? Okay. America wasn’t built on the backs of slaves. Free speech, right? Holocaust denial is hate speech. I don’t see how you don’t see that. No one says hate speech is protected under anything. Free speech is me saying Donald Trump is a bad president. Hate speech is saying the Holocaust didn’t happen in an effort to delegitimize Jewish people and their concerns.


      • I never said it was not hate speech. I am very aware that it is and wish it did not exist. I hope that the fact that it is is used as a grounds to help remove more of it.

        I also never said anything about peddling conspiracy theories other than pointing out that this is going to be something you can probably find in all major retailers. They are all going to sell titles that we strongly disagree and are hurtful. Hopefully the masses will speak loudly enough to discourage them more in the future.

        I meant nothing more than to point out that because these books are allowed to be published, they will be a problem among multiple retailers.

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  3. Horrifically, Holocaust denial is causing some interest at the present.

    There is an English ‘historian’ called David Irving (whose books are sold on Amazon) who sued Penguin Books a few years back for one of their authors calling him a denier – a film has just been made about the trial and how he lost in, and in effect, how the Holocaust was proven to be true in British law.

    He is a truly hideous man – an anti-Semite, Hitler sympathiser – and after years in the wilderness – a disgraced outcast from serious historical discussion – his works are being ‘rediscovered’ by a new generation of misguided people.

    If the books are selling, retailers will sell them, as they’re in the business of making money. It’s another depressing signal that the world has taken a dark turn


    • I’m actually glad I don’t know who this guy is. But I did read both links. It’s absurd that something like that would even need to be clarified in court. Also, I wouldn’t believe a single word a guy like him ever says. So if he claims to have new followers, that claim holds no weight with me.

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      • You’re quite right – Irving is a self aggrandizing show off and not to be trusted on any count. I do hope this new following proves to be false too. I know what you mean about the court ruling – the facts of the Holocaust shouldn’t need to be proved in law. But that’s how the law works and at least the ruling destroyed any professional credibility he had left and proved him to be a liar. If only the same would happen to all who shared his views

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  4. The thing about free speech is that it doesn’t give you leave to say anything you want without consequence, it protects you from big arrested and possibly jailed for what you say.

    Retailers can chose not to carry products. Publishers can choose not to produce content. And none of that is free speech infringement.

    I think retailers have some responsibility to vet their products to male sure they are categorized correctly. Maybe they could make an “alternate facts” genre?

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    • Exactly right. Which is why retailers stopped selling Confederate memorabilia. Amazon already vets its books, anyway. If I’m not mistaken they won’t sell certain types of erotica. The rationale behind that choice is different, but I can’t imagine there being any significant push back if they decided not to sell these other things about the Holocaust. Or the new category would be a great idea.

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