A Small Goal

My reading has slowed down dramatically this month. Now I’m working an 8:00-5:00 schedule until April 1. I typically leave my house at 7:00. Usually get home around 7:00.

Lots of lost free time. So I’m making a new goal for myself. My goal is to read at least five hours every weekend. Those five hours will supplement any time I find during the week. Hopefully this will enable me to continue reading as much as I can.

This isn’t my first full-time job, but it is by far my longest commute. It’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make for a salaried position.

Let’s hope my reading picks up soon!

What’s your biggest obstacle when it comes to reading?

7 thoughts on “A Small Goal

  1. I like to read at bed time, unfortunately as soon as my head hits the pillow it’s lights out for me, lol.
    I also read during break time at work, but when I’m reading an ebook that’s not really possible as much as I would like since ebooks and snowflakes don’t particularly mix well together *sigh*.


    • I have read just before going to sleep at night, but lately I’ve been falling asleep really early. I’ve been reading a magazine during break and lunch tines at work. I finished my last one in three days. I might start taking my Fire tablet to work to read on, but then I’d have to download books on Kindle.


      • There are plenty of free books out there for Kindle, some of them you might even enjoy, since I know you are picky with what you read.
        I have links if you would like to see, or just visit Amazon and find their free books.
        I think the only magazine I’ve read since mom passed is my union newsletter. She used to pass them on to me when she was done with them.
        I just realized how wonderful laundromats are! lol I usually use them machines here in the apartment, but one of them is broken and I had 3 loads, so I loaded up the car, grabbed my phone and ebook and spent and enjoyable time outside in the sunshine reading while waiting for the machines to finish!


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