They Pulled it!

Who pulled what? Let me tell ya. Simon & Schuster has decided NOT to publish Milo’s forthcoming book Dangerous. I can’t believe it.

Over the weekend a recording surfaced of Milo speaking about homosexuality and pedophilia, among other things. He later tried to backtrack his own statements but it wasn’t sufficient in the eyes of the publisher.

I’ve heard part of the recording and it sounds as bad as you’d imagine. He can blame poor word choice but we shouldn’t accept anything that even remotely appears to be in favor of sexual abuse.

He was also uninvited to speak at CPAC.

I’ve only heard of a book being pulled from publication or from store shelves once. This is big.

7 thoughts on “They Pulled it!

  1. I am very disturbed by this coordinated attack on Milo. Especially that they would pick something so close to him, accusing him of being a pedo supporter when he himself has been a victim of pediphila, and has used his plat form of a journalist to take down pedophiles.

    The book will still come out. I can guarantee that. This is a heavy blow for Milo, he’s been knocked, but he’s not out.


      • Your points are irrelevant to my comment. I’m talking about Milo, not Spicer or the news media. I’ve never heard anything that Spicer said, and I’ve never paid attention to the news outlets, because it was boring when I was young, and now it just looks like a big mess that I wouldn’t want to touch with a ten-foot poll.


      • You said “coordinated attack on Milo”. Coordinated by who? The media. That’s who you’re implying. That everyone is out to get him. Except his own words are being used against him. No one else’s. So what if the recording is a year old? Listen to the interview and tell me you have a positive emotional connection after that. Also, you’re a kid. You’re young now. Present tense. Surprised you say news is boring and you don’t pay attention to it, yet somehow are aware of this “coordinated attack on Milo”. Odd. I know people who don’t watch the news or read up on current events. They don’t even know who Milo is. But you talk about him like you know him personally. Another oddity coming from someone who “never paid attention to the news outlets”.


      • Sorry, let me clarify. I’m speaking of major news outlets, like whatever is broadcast on TV, because I never had cable TV growing up. I didn’t say I don’t pay attention to the news now, I just still don’t pay attention to major news outlets, or any particular news outlet really. I find out things from word of mouth and articles from varied places on the subject. Whether that’s the best way to get my news, I have no clue, but it’s what I’ve been doing for now.

        The link to 4chan is not me “not responding” it’s me showing my evidence that this was a coordinated attack. Notice how the date on it and what is said.

        And lastly, you’d be surprised at my connections. Suffice to say that I’ve never had the chance to talk to him, but I’m closer to Milo than most. He’s outrageous in the way he says and goes about things, but his actual beliefs aren’t that far the wall. He’s honest, and will actually own up for his mistakes, as we’ve seen with this scandal. Not everyone likes him, not everyone agrees with what he says, but he is not the evil violent man many people believe him to be. On this pedohila subject, there’s one video and a mob against him. However, there’s the UNCUT video, his instances of taking out paedophiles as a journalist, his own experience as a victim and how that affects how he talks about it, and that he has publicly expressed his complete disgust at pedophilia, and apologized.

        That is my stance on it. But I’m not going to argue it. I laid out my points, take them or leave them. I have work in the morning so I’m going to bed, good night 🙂


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