Is Reading Dorky?

I haven’t read a single page of any book since I started my new job less than two weeks ago. It goes without saying that I’ve finally shown you all of the videos I’ve made so far this year. But I bet you’re tired of those damn reviews, right? Heck, I’m a bit tired of them myself. So I took this opportunity to talk about something I’ve been wanting to address for YEARS. Seriously. One of the things I see everywhere on BookTube, Bookstagram, and book blogs is people telling me how nerdy or dorky reading is. I just had to set the record straight in my latest video. It’s less than four minutes! A quick watch!

Now tell me what YOU think! Do you think reading is dorky?!

5 thoughts on “Is Reading Dorky?

  1. Absolutely not. Why would one think that? Reading makes another quite attractive. Even if they are reading romances. Reading romances to me is like watching a children’s movie like “Finding Dory”. It gives the heart a break. At least they are reading and seeing other places and thoughts.
    I have never heard anyone say anything negative about one reading. They are always amazed that I read as much as I do and would like to learn the way to do that.
    I have a question. I saw that in the USA that ending punctuation is supposed to go before the end apostrophe. But it is not the same in other countries. Can you explain that.


    • In the sense I’m saying nerdy or dorky isn’t meant to be negative. I’d say when people say either of those they’re trying to differentiate themselves from everyone else doing the EXACT SAME THING. It’s just dumb. Also, I’m not sure what you mean by the end apostrophe. What end apostrophe?


  2. I enjoyed this video and chuckled a bit. If anything, reading is the very opposite. I have never personally experienced any negative remarks or treatment as a result of my reading, but I would probably just laugh and walk off. I am not sure that I could ever take someone who looked down on reading in a serious manner 😉


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