Evidently Tulsa, OK is divided into districts. In one of these districts is a string of shops unofficially known as “Nerd Row”.

This makes me angry. There’s a gaming store, a comic book store, AND NOW A BOOKSTORE. 😡

In my video yesterday I said that it’s always readers who claim to be nerds, right? Guess who came up with this informal nickname? One of the store owners!


Why does everyone have to try to make themselves out to be different or special? Just be you. Forget the stupid labels.

2 thoughts on “NO!

  1. It seems that everyone is a “nerd” these days. “Nerd Culture” is now popular culture. Sure, there are always varying degrees of fandom, but just about everyone I know identifies as a “nerd” in some fashion.

    As for why people would choose to label themselves as a nerd, I think it’s so they can quickly and easily sum themselves up for others, to rout-out fellow “nerds” and find people with whom they share common interests. I think it’s less about individuality and more about finding a group and belonging.


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