2017 Reading Update #2

At the end of January I wrote a post providing an update on my reading progress for the year. Last month will be no different. Let’s take a look.

Books read

2017: 11

2012: 3

When compared to my best year ever, one would think I’m doing well to start this year. Meh, somewhat. I didn’t read a single page after February 3, completing just one book in the month after my record-breaking January. Of course that wasn’t all that surprising since I started my new job on February 9.


62 hours, 36 minutes



2017 Reading Challenge

7 books


Young adult: 2 books

Literary fiction: 4 books

Mystery: 2 books

Fantasy: 1 book

Nonfiction: 2 books


1 star: 1 book

2 stars: 1 book

3 stars: 3 books

4 stars: 5 books

5 stars: 1 book

Average: 3.54

Best Book

The Lightning Thief

Those are the numbers through February! I’m actually going to HPB today to see if I can find some new books to start reading soon. They’ll be both for my 2017 Reading Challenge and also books I’m simply interested in reading.

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