In Search of Poetry

I had the opportunity to study different types of writing in college. Poems. Short stories. Novels. This is something I hope every college student gets to do, no matter the major or area of study.

My favorite work to analyze was always the novel. I felt like I had a ton of material to work with. Now I no longer have to write analysis papers. But why not further diversify my reading by including works that aren’t novels? I want to but my experience with poetry is limited. It’d be easy to just Google search “20th century poets” or something like that and go with whatever I see. I don’t want to.

There are two poets I’ve been looking for. Sylvia Plath and Emily Dickinson. I can’t remember ever studying either of them, but I know their personal stories are well known. Plath committed suicide at a young age. And Dickinson’s poems were largely unknown during her lifetime.

I’m open to suggestions here. Which poets have you enjoyed reading?

8 thoughts on “In Search of Poetry

  1. I hated Sylvia Plath when I first read her but recently revisited her poetry and I love it. Carol Ann Duffy’s “The World’s Wife” is good and Samuel Taylor Coleridge (“Work Without Hope” is a must) and Wordsworth is also good to try.


    • I’ve actually studied and written about Coleridge. I think the poem I wrote about was “The Chimney Sweeper”. I think. I may be incorrect. I also think I’ve written about Wordsworth. Though my memory tells me that was in high school, so probably not the best analysis.


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