This is not Happening

Everyone wants to tall about how divided America is. And now there’s a new book out that plays into this thinking.

American War is the story of the second American Civil War that takes place at the turn of the next century. North against South.

This may be fiction, but it’s written by a former reporter who may or may not be intending to tell us what he thinks may be on the horizon. I don’t pretend to believe that all Americans love other Americans, but I just can’t see an all-out war breaking out. Of course, history is probably against me. Countries have internal conflicts that result in war.

What do you think? Think the country is headed toward war within the next century? I don’t.

2 thoughts on “This is not Happening

  1. I think if another Civil War were to happen, it wouldn’t be north vs. south or even red state vs. blue state. It would probably be rural vs. urban, which would provide a more clear division between political beliefs, lifestyle, etc.


    • Rural vs urban is essentially red vs blue, which then translates into north vs South. The northeast is extremely blue. Northwest is extremely blue. The central northern states have quite a bit less in population, though they’re more centric. The only extremely red states are in the deep south. The irony is that these groups of states aren’t THAT much different from the original war. The North was industrial and thriving, the South was agrarian on the backs of slaves. Now those states are just much more poor than their northern counterparts.


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