A New Beginning

I’m going to finish this month with no new reads. Not because I haven’t wanted to read, but because working 8:00-5:00 with an hour commute leaves me sleepy. I usually fall asleep well before 10:00. But that all changes next week! I’m finally finishing training, which means I’m moving on to my regular schedule of 11:00-8:00. No more ridiculous mornings or traffic or anything. Just smooth sailing to work.

So I KNOW I’m finally going to be able to get some reading done. Also, I anticipate I’ll be able to read some while on vacation in LESS THAN THREE WEEKS.

So, time to get back on track. How’s your reading coming along?

2 thoughts on “A New Beginning

  1. I’m reading a lot at once. I’ve been bingeing a bit on the 4th Rachel Griffin book. I have a book my friend lent called, Dirk Gently, and I’ve been reading Honor at Stake on my phone during lunch breaks


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