How Many More Books Will You Read Before You Die?

I’ve actually been wanting to write a post about this since seeing the original article written about a month ago. But I told myself that I’d only write it when I had time to sit down and focus rather than just typing something up on my phone. Today is that day.

Before I get into any of the details here I want to state my reservations about the whole thing. Some might say this is scientific. Others might say the original author quantified the question. But I believe both statements to be false. Information was taken from the Social Security Life Expectancy Calculator and combined with reading data from the Pew Research Center.The author essentially took two averages and plugged those numbers into a graph. There’s nothing wrong with that, but let’s be honest about how accurate the numbers really are before even getting into the numbers.

First, you should know who is falling into which group of reader. Average = 12 books a year. Voracious = 50 books a year. Super = 80 books a year. The author used those numbers to “calculate” how many more books we’ll read based on how much we read and our life expectancy. I’m a 25-year-old male who falls somewhere between being an average and voracious reader. According to the data I’ll read between 684 and 2850 more books during the course of my lifetime. That’s quite the range for something that claims to utilize data. But that’s what it says.

How about you? Two questions here. First, how many books does the data say you’ll read before that funny thing called death? And how many do YOU actually think you’ll read? I’ll say I think I’ll be able to read exactly 3429 more books over the rest of my life. The best part is I keep track of all that information. My tally starts today.

13 thoughts on “How Many More Books Will You Read Before You Die?

  1. The Data for a 50 y/o female says 426 for an average reader. I’ll go so far as to say maybe 500 books more before I die.
    My boyfriend…He’s far and above even a super reader, which says 2960 books for a 45 y/o male. He’ll be 47 this year and I think he might break the 3,500 book mark!


  2. I’m close to 50 and average over 100 books a year. According to this I should read over 2560 more books. I will say assuming I don’t die early that I will probably get closer to 3500 as I expect my reading will increase once my daughter goes to college and as I retire.


    • I think your logic is sound. Less things to do means more time for books! I plan on reading at least one book during my vacation starting tomorrow. I’ll tale two or three on the trip. I just want to hit my goal of 50 books in a single year ONCE. Just once I want to get there.

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  3. Well like you I am just a little above average I’d say I read maybe 30 or 40 books a year. I am also not 25 yet I’m 17 so I’d say I’ll maybe read 4000 more books…maybe


  4. I would call myself a voracious reader, and when I look at the number of books I have left – around 2,800 – that number makes me really sad! ONLY 2,800 left?! The number doesn’t seem high enough when there are SO MANY books to read. I feel like I can’t afford to waste any of them on books I didn’t love!


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